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**Disclaimer and Agreement**

By purchasing any tobacco pipes and/or accessories you are agreeing to the following terms:

1. By purchasing any pipe from KELCO Enterprises LLC / DBA Craig's Custom Fab LLC ("Craig's Custom Fab") you agree and confirm that you are of legal age, or older, to purchase tobacco pipes in your state. You also confirm that this pipe is legal for sale in your area. You assume any and all liability if you breach this confirmation. All items are intended for tobacco use only.

2. You accept full responsibility for understanding and obeying the laws of your state and county with regard to the purchase and shipment of tobacco pipes. Smoking is dangerous to your health, so USE THESE PRODUCTS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Craig's Custom Fab will not be held responsible for use or misuse of their product(s). Craig's Custom Fab, its owners, operators, and staff will NOT be held liable for any illegal activity, legal recourse, or lawyer's fees resulting from the purchase and/or use of any of our products.

3. Pipes are for legal use only and require agreement to, and the electronic signature of, the online DISCLAIMER found at In no way do we wish users of this website to disregard laws concerning controlled substance usage. The use of cannabis is neither condoned nor encouraged. By using this site, you are acknowledging your consent to these terms and conditions. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, DO NOT USE OUR WEBSITE OR BUY OUR PRODUCTS.

4. All pipes produced by Craig's Custom Fab are manufactured individually, by hand, on modern industrial equipment. There are inherent variances in these processes which may yield slight differences from one pipe to the next. Although variations will occur, Craig's Custom Fab does its best to produce pipes representative of images depicted on the website. Variances may also include sharp edges inside the bowl or at the threaded ends of the stem. Pipes should be checked prior to first use for these variances. Bowls or stems with a variance such as this should not be used and will gladly be replaced free of charge.

5. All pipes produced by Craig's Custom Fab are manufactured using cutting oils, lubricants, and other fluids in the manufacturing process. Although all components are cleaned before shipping, the consumer should re-clean prior to first use.

6. Individual health and safety hazards of smoking from metal pipes manufactured from metals and materials used by Craig's Custom Fab has not been researched or determined. User accepts and voluntarily incurs all risks of any injuries, damages, or harm which arise during or resulting from use of metal pipes, regardless of whether or not caused in whole or in part by the negligence or other fault of Craig's Custom Fab, it's owner(s) or employees. PLEASE USE PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED BY CRAIG'S CUSTOM FAB AT YOUR OWN RISK.

7. Purchaser agrees to release and discharge all involved in the production and sales of these products and the maintenance of this site,, from any and all liabilities.

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